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A Forum for Mastering the Art of Mindful Thought and Joyful Manifestation

A Mensa-like group for the Spiritually Awakened

and Intellectually Enlightened of the World.


Masters of Thought Forums - Upcoming Guided Launch Topics:

Be The Star in YOUR Reality Show ~ The Art of Mindful Manifestation Donation to: Earth Angels Sanctuary
See description below

Donation Recipients are open and To Be Determined for the following GLT's- you choose the topic. Who do you want to support?

Upcoming Spring 2016 Forums - Dates coming soon!

 ~ Using New Methods to Successfully Create Your Business or Endeavors in the New Paradigm.
The same old ways of thinking and patterns of creating are not effective after the 12/12/12 shift. If you feel stagnant in your
                         creative  process and are not moving forward, or if you have been successful and can share your tips and experiences,
                         then this forum is for you. Learn when to release or when to combine the 3D traditional methods with the energetic power you possess.

 ~ Your Vortexes of Light ~ Utilizing the chakra system to remove dis-ease and activate harmonic flow.

Our chakras are powerful energy points within our energetic bodies, when you understand the purpose, the expansion occurring
                        and how to easily tap into this light force at your disposal, a wonderful unfolding will occur to live life with ease and grace.
                        Stop blocking the natural, universal tools at your disposal by believing the dogma that this knowledge is too esoteric for everyday life.
                        This is Yours to Use! Find out how each Chakra point relates to a practical purpose for this earth experience.

Joyful Greetings and a Warm Welcome! c

I am delighted to invite you to a newly created opportunity. A series of Mensa-like forums for those who wish to come together for an exchange of current information, direction and support in what is occurring within our energy fields and translating to our physical bodies. These forums will are based on the belief that it is Our THOUGHTS that can determine whether our experiences and challenges are perceived as having positive or negative effects in our lives. It really is true; You Are What You Think.

When we consistently and consciously learn to filter, shift and master our thoughts, we then can create the life we desire and deserve! But therein lies the challenge - key words are consciously AND consistently! Staying attuned to energetic effects is an important element to how we individually and collectively respond to daily challenges.  Are you creating Havoc or Harmony in your life?

I liken this forum to a Mensa-like exchange for the Intellectually and Energetically Enlightened because if you are reading this and feeling a resonance and curiosity quickening in your heart then you are among the sector of awakened and enlightened of our global population.

Some of you have years, if not decades, of metaphysical experiences and have been waiting for this group dynamic. There are also those newly awakened who may simply be a "pop up" or an experienced soul who just shifted into active consciousness to complete their Soul's purpose at this moment in time. 

Therefore, regardless of your level of perceived experience, if you are cognizant of how your thoughts control your life events and want to take it to the next level; wish to be more successful at expanding your THOUGHTS to MASTER your manifestations; and more understanding of how all of this evolves the critical mass or collective consciousness of the planet, then you are ready for this step!

What is A Masters of Thought Forum?

Periodically a forum will be offered with a Guided Launch Topic (GLT). A Launch Topic is a subject that was selected with guidance which will launch or activate a sequence of positive and creative thoughts for attendees. This inspiration will then promote a discussion and sharing of ideas pertinent to universal and energetic events. The GLT can be one that will shine a light on how astrological events or current norms in society subtly, yet significantly, have an effect on our energy bodies. Then you will be offered a shift in perspective to see the positive, and inspire you to re-pattern your way of thinking so that you are an effective Master of Thought.

Each time a forum is held, 25% of participant fees will be donated to a cause that supports either children, rescued animals or the elderly.

The first Guided Launch Topic in which you are invited to participate is entitled:

The Art of Mindful Manifestation ~

Be the Star in Your Reality Show                                                                                      

You are living your life on the Universal Stage of Existence, think Cosmic TV. Let's explore: Why  popular reality shows have turned into America's pastime; How does this telepathically affect your personal life; and What you can do to create the Reality show of your dreams ~ starring YOU!  We will discuss and learn how we can improve:

*Psychically absorbing and projecting Sonic Thoughts

*Creating your Energetic Signature moment by moment; erratically or consistently

*Using the energy of Thoughtforms to emphasize the Positives and nullify the Negatives.

*The science of chemical releases that create  neurochemical and hormonal  "cocktails" in our systems.  Is your cocktail made of 100 proof positive vibes?

Date: This Event is now closed for registration                                                                                                                                             

10:00 am EST / 7:00 am PT  (Based upon demand, an additional date and time may be offered)

Where: Call in from anywhere on earth ~ Live Teleconference Event

Fee: Only $22

Registration & Payment Due Before: April 15th (space will be limited)  Register Here Today

Donation from this forum will be made to: Earth Angels Sanctuary and Learning Center. A supportive center for intuitively sensitive children; Founded by Eren Nalani Martin-Beat (see bottom for donation details)


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Masters of Thought forums. Touch your mouse pointer to any question, to see the answer.

What will be the Format and the duration of time for each Masters of Thought forum?

The overall format will be introducing the Guided Launch Topic, inter-active discussion, a supportive group meditation attunement, and a closing immersion into how to utilize what has been shared to support your daily life. The goal is for you to be energized mentally and use what you received to stay in alignment with your higher consciousness. This will allow you to maintain mindful thought patterns that will enhance living as a creator of positive thoughts and actions. Each forum session will be 90 minutes.

Where are the forums held? How can I attend?

Our gatherings will be via teleconference. You can attend by simply phoning into a teleconference number given and access code. Nothing could be easier than being at home in a quiet space to meet up with like- minded people who can become your sphere of influence in how you live your daily life. Please note: To keep the discussion level at a vigorous exchange, space will be limited.

What makes this group different from others available?

An indisputable fact is that we, as humans, are frequently challenged in how we react and respond to perceived negative situations. Therefore, we all can benefit from a stream of encouragement, energetic tools and supportive reminders to guard and filter our sonic thoughts in a consistent and conscious manner. Our forums will be an ongoing series with the intention to provide a stream of reinforcement for personal support and expansive consciousness. And if desired by the participant, to also develop a sense of connection among "like-minded" souls enjoying this human experience. The benefits of a sense of community will encourage a true heart sharing which can lead to friendships, networking and affirmation among other Masters of Thought. In todays world we are bombarded by negativity, these forums will give joyful and harmonious tools to anyone to use to nullify the negative influences and reinforce the positive outcomes. I believe that you have all that you need within to manifest all that you desire. I have personally seen many people over the years learn to embrace this truth and change their lives. Having the ability to recognize inner wisdom comes from interacting with intellectually enlightened people who realize how good all aspects of life can be when manifesting through positive vibrations.

Making a difference ~ Donations given each time from the participants fees.

A very unique aspect of the Masters of Thought forums is that each time a forum is offered, 25% of the total participants fees will be donated to a cause which benefits either children, rescued animals or the elderly. And YOU get to submit a request for your cause TO BE CHOSEN FOR THE DONATION.
Why? Because being enlightened comes with the understanding that there is always enough to share! So you not only receive by attending but you also have the energetic benefit of being a part of giving to others who need to receive help. This is a wonderful multi-level way to make a difference in our world! The Masters of Thought will create wheels within wheels of Receiving ~ Giving ~ Receiving ~ Giving... Participating in this dynamic can only leave you feeling happy about what you are doing on this Earth!

What is the fee to attend a forum for Masters of Thought?

In todays world there seems to be no stopping the rising costs of basic necessities, not to mention, the discretionary dollars needed for events we are interested in attending. So with this in mind, and also understanding time constraints in our busy schedules, I designed these forums to be concise, relatively short in duration and for only $22 per forum offered. No membership or subscription fees. Register and pay for each Guided Launch Topic that attracts your interest. Anyone can afford to attend, so this will also maximize the donation amount that can be offered. There is strength in numbers; especially when it translates to donation dollars!

How do I Register or get on the mailing list for upcoming forums?

If you are interested and wish to know about upcoming Guided Launch Topics sign up for the Masters of Thought Forum Updates by using the link provided or if you wish to attend the upcoming event, please use the registration link to sign up and hold your space in this event. Remember ~ Space will be limited. (Checks and PayPal are accepted. If using PayPal a small additional fee is added to cover PayPal processing fee.)

How do I apply to have the cause I support be the recipient of a donation?

Anyone who attends a Masters of Thought Forum is eligible to submit a request. Simply request the application for a donation, complete as directed and submit by email to Cynthia Smith as a word document attachment or print and mail to the address given on the form. Organizations considered must benefit either Children, Rescued Animals or The Elderly (such as a Hospice program).

Look Who's Received a 

25% Donation!

Register for the Masters of Thought Forum and 25% of the participant fees received will be donated to:

  Earth Angels Sanctuary and Learning Center; An organization for Intuitively Sensitive Children

Founded by Eren Nalani Martin-Beat ~ Las Vegas, NV

The Donation will be used toward sponsoring the children's attendance at the Parliament of World Religions where the children will have the lifetime opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama. This donation will invest in our country's future adults who are being taught to embrace global Peace, Harmony and Unity through spiritual enlightenment.


If you would like to have your cause considered to receive a donation from the Masters of Thought Forums, please request an application from

 Cynthia Smith, Founder of Masters of Thought  click here to email request.

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