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Attendance for all forums requires registration and pre-payment. Please note that payment is to be received on or before the deadline date as noted on the class schedule page. It is necessary to receive event registration and payment by noted date as event details and teleconference call in number is sent a few days before each forum.

If you missed the due date, please email or call Cynthia to see if space is available. She can be reached by using the email link or phone 330-289-4949.
Payments are preferred by check - please mail so that it arrives before or on the final date requested. Your promptness is always appreciated in order to verify if space is available for others.

If it is more convenient to pay by PayPal, it is necessary to include the $5 per forum processing fee. This fee offsets what PayPal charges and the extra steps involved in accounting. I regret the necessity of this additional fee, but only a percentage of cost is added.

Please completely fill in this form and submit. This contact information is needed in the event of a schedule change, and to email event details. We do not share contact information with others. Please be sure to put the exact event dates you wish to attend. Many times there are numerous forums, events or classes in the same month. Thank You.

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